The swim against tide

Many and majority makes decisions for the minority. They call this “democracy”. On the other hand, each individual have a right to live and proceed with their goals, and doesn’t need the approval from the “majority” .

Why then..must we collectively want something or someone, is it not right to think and evaluate ..rather test those persons..or ideas, before implementing.

Dictatorship…always considered bad, because one person rules over many, yet when many rules over lesser group..why is that not injustice.

In our city, Dhaka. The traffic moves in the opposite direction, and the law enforcer’s allows this however, if you park somewhere get a ticket !

Mostly all the driving is done by those who earlier drove a three wheeler, or a bus..and the one sitting inside, the owner has never driven anything in life..making him totally blind to the reckless driving by his driver.

It is but important to think..why should the majority who are not following basic traffic rules be allowed to give a hard time to minority , who are following rules.

I want to protest, for pedestrians blocking car movements. I want to question, why a motor bike is allowed to break signals and cars are restricted. I want to demand justification, for big vehicles pushing and squeezing others for fun..I want to know..why a car stand dead stop on a highway..and the car crashing on it..gets blamed..

I get an answer…which I can’t is ” You do not know how to drive in the Dhaka”


Astronauts returned with aliens

A space ship was sent outer space. The space craft landed at Jupiter and returned. It was not really known..that the sip carried back aliens with it. The Jupies..were ¬†actually invisible to human eye..because human mind couldn’t see them..But..they were visible to the insects. Anywhere ,jupies went the insects buzzed.

The people who had returned were working and relaxing..unaware that jupies were quickly making clones from their brain cells. Yes..jupies were capable of entering human thoughts but never could find about their heart.

After staying for six months, they boarded another space craft and landed at Mars. The Martians were excited to the jupies were loaded with new computer series and iPad. They were boasting of travelling back into time and gets relics from the prehistoric era.

The Martians , planned to visit earth ..and waited for the space craft to venture into its zone. Martians planned to bring few plants from earth. as the ones distinct were still growing on earth.

The jupies unknowingly left a magic on the wings of butterfly. Where ever, the butterfly would touch the  object could speak but not feel. Soon, the garden flowers  were protesting their untimely death. The trees were showing attitude, grass was growing wild and screaming when it was time to trim.

The Nature was turning into an amoeba, unshaped and ugly. Humans, couldn’t walk anywhere, climb any mountains. The nature has found its voice and was turning against humans.

The food supply was limited, as grains were not been cut nor vegetables available. The entire animal Kingdom was getting the ” butterfly magic” with ants and birds united to kill everyone and anyone who tried to kill them again.

The astronauts learned their lesson and so did the can go alone but there is no guarantee that you can return alone.

Trip to Venus , or to Mars :)) ever said that the beautiful solar system was just for remaing orbiting endlessly. We, the humans have all rights to conquer the universe. All this was made for us, so in our present world, that is mere earth, is the starting point.

Think with eyes closed and mind open. Some of the nations are the bright students, like Japanese, Germans, Swede , mostly the inventors. In this avenue, where everyone would go to for the trip to mars by paying huge amount..the other nations who can not afford , are see who gets married with a real Martian…and how we would speak.. or maybe they are much more intelligent than us.We don’t need to speak ūüôā

The space shuttle..lands and humans get off..walk around but silently there are invisible passengers riding back home. Once, they get to earth…slowly they absob all our ways..and get back to mars.

No..they don’t need our shuttle service..yep they got turbo power/sort of energy within themselves…like a lightning or even faster..they list what is in demand at earth…




so triple H formula is produced and is sold to earthlings, for a price. A new business is evolved but cash transaction is ¬†a new system of exchange is evovled …for them..and earth has jointly got a sort of euro theory ¬†working ..where each nation deposits own currency and the exchange factor is given as return value…

Slowly..Earthlings are becoming healthier, happier and honest. triple H is working..and we now go to Jupiter..its known as exchange program..This way all planets are exchanging and this is real universal business.

Marriages are now taking place, residential status is given and we are now learning to explore better with our partners from the other side.


Gravity is one of the main factors that make us stable.¬†The load dead and ¬†living , always on earth¬†surface can be collected on a sensor based¬†battery¬† where this recharging generates other useful energies. Then fuel consumptions would drop, the oil, gas ¬†and nuclear reactor would fall from top to maybe 4th rank. Everyone got weight and gravity, so with respect to level of energy production and consumption it would be almost equal, if¬†theoretically¬†all energy summation is constant, that means one form gets transformed to another but “energy” remains same.

People¬†who are¬†fat will not feel totally neglected, after all they got weight ūüėČ that produces energy..

Whenever, we want to fly, we use this energy to build a thrust that¬†repels¬†us proportionate to our weight, and gives us option to elevate and fuel..only weight…wait for this idea to get into market ūüėČ


One step more into transportation using..hypnotism.

What happens in hypnotism ? We leave our physical self and enter another time and space. This if could happen , similar to a telephone would be so easy..we get ourselves beamed up through satellite and get transported to another country ūüôā no visa ¬†and no air ticket. Just make an entry and connect, there ofcourse would be few agencies that views your visit. If I wanted to see Norway, I can just click it on the map and I am climbing a mountain or watching those amazing sky filled with clouds ..And, if I want I can be either visible or invisible.

However, if I want to visit an indoor space, the owner/occupant of that space has to allow. Just imagine, your distant relatives or parents whom you miss, if you want to sit and talk to get transmitted in person. Here, your visibility has to be with the control of the host..otherwise..we will get intruders walking  all over my house and officies etc.

Our image, would be like a cloud and not tangible. No one can trap us, we can visit more than one place at a time and even have options to appear differently..imagine..all weddings would be so interesting. The guests who are beamed in, are like walking angels..and they don’t eat:))so don’t pay for them..they can only watch, talk and dance away..but nothing materialistic..

Children, Students and Researchers can access those places they can dream of going alone..yet this experience gives them a first hand information and the freedom.

We, all can be astronauts and go around the galaxy, moving like a star in the sky..zoooooooooooooom