Suppose all iPhone secret software gets on with remote control..and each one acts like a magnet..and is commanded by aliens from far..and have potential to explode..a series of shocks would be sent ..and all systems can be blasted..how can we control this kind of attack ? Every household has it..and they can read who owns which iPhone and where is it..like tracking..imagine..how vulnerable the entire earthling population would be..omg

PS 🙂 I am from Mars


Missing someone ..how it feels

In My Thoughts… Thoughts are seldom in rhyme.It is not a continuous flow of ideas, rather disjointed episodes some remain haunting me others disappear; then I feel lonely…when no thoughts come to me that’s when I go and get fond memories 🙂
there are few friends who left me, good friends but no more to communicate other who got busy but I had spent with them lovely moments. I treasure that, I love them doesn’t matter if they no longer are with me they will live inside me as a smile a thought a laughter

Climb up




Waited all my life sitting on a bench , waiting for rains to fall ..watching the sky..not a single drop from high up..seemed as if , my dreams evaporated ..still I sat and waited for  love, happiness, fame to come visit me..but they thought where I was , certainly was doomed for good location..Still I waited for dawn and dusk..for butterflies to come, birds to circle over my head  after I left a crow came to check if there was anything left of me.. Nothing remained just an empty bench with a ladder sitting connecting to clouds..yep..the ones that never turned into rains for me..Life started with expectations and ended with a long long wait…question is..what was I doing all the time on that deserted bench in nowhere land…Nothing…So, it served me right because nothing can come out of nothing…

Get up move around..have a life ..enjoy it..


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Pain Of Anticipation

Pain Of Anticipation

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Anticipation..for me..when I was younger..I used to wait with hope..when it was about any result..but when it was a waiting for an appointment with a doctor..fear would lurk.

But..as life passed..I realized..that waiting and dreaming make up most of our life span..as a renowned poet , Mirza Ghalib wrote,” I got my four days of life span, two was used up in dreaming and remaining two in waiting/anticipation.
Few of dreams or hope,,time has expired..so all those are now deleted from the trash bin..those that remains still are on waiting..but I have decided to live my life..each day..not waiting for my dreams to realize..but to make the present life..a dream come true 😉
I never feel any pain in waiting..for it is this time..that nothing is suppose to happen..technically it is an idle time..when I can do as I please..short spans like waiting for a meeting to start..gives me time to review my points..waiting for a dentist to start his aggressive drilling..I am consciously enjoying the “no pain” time..because once he is done with me…ouch! then there is just throbbing pain.. I like to wait..gives me some space..my eyes wander to ceiling..carpet..checking the decor..when I used to wait for a friend..I would look at myself at least twenty times..girls do have fun admiring themselves..now..I have no friends..who come to visit me..yep everyone is busy..I come to word press to write..but here the only thing I wait for is..dinner..yes while I am waiting for dinner to be served..I am at Word Press..trying as fast to use this time..I know that it will end..but I love to extend this waiting time…as I want dinner to get delayed..

Astronauts returned with aliens

A space ship was sent outer space. The space craft landed at Jupiter and returned. It was not really known..that the sip carried back aliens with it. The Jupies..were  actually invisible to human eye..because human mind couldn’t see them..But..they were visible to the insects. Anywhere ,jupies went the insects buzzed.

The people who had returned were working and relaxing..unaware that jupies were quickly making clones from their brain cells. Yes..jupies were capable of entering human thoughts but never could find about their heart.

After staying for six months, they boarded another space craft and landed at Mars. The Martians were excited to see..how the jupies were loaded with new computer series and iPad. They were boasting of travelling back into time and gets relics from the prehistoric era.

The Martians , planned to visit earth ..and waited for the space craft to venture into its zone. Martians planned to bring few plants from earth. as the ones distinct were still growing on earth.

The jupies unknowingly left a magic on the wings of butterfly. Where ever, the butterfly would touch the  object could speak but not feel. Soon, the garden flowers  were protesting their untimely death. The trees were showing attitude, grass was growing wild and screaming when it was time to trim.

The Nature was turning into an amoeba, unshaped and ugly. Humans, couldn’t walk anywhere, climb any mountains. The nature has found its voice and was turning against humans.

The food supply was limited, as grains were not been cut nor vegetables available. The entire animal Kingdom was getting the ” butterfly magic” with ants and birds united to kill everyone and anyone who tried to kill them again.

The astronauts learned their lesson and so did the earthling..you can go alone but there is no guarantee that you can return alone.

Lion the jungle King


Who decided the Jungle to have a King ? Anyone remembers ? Any tales from the past..when Kings and Queens were ruling the world ? And Jungle was to be ruled by Animals..hence a King for them ..elected or selected. I have no idea.

Seems reasonable though..that animal Kingdom must have their own King. Why lion ? Why not elephant or Rhino..I always used to think but never asked anyone.. Now we live in an era, where scientist or adventurer goes to the wild wildlife and inject or tag the animals, leave them and later track for studying them..although its for the betterment of the animal world.. I doubt if any animal has approved of this action.

in our society ,we too, have a jungle rule. That is might is right. In this rule, majority is authority blends..when might being equal to number of fist that can hit you black and blue.

Lion was made the King by a story teller..that is my idea, and anyone who reads this can voice an objection..I will not make any hue and cry. In terms of society, Jungle rule is the dark side the under world..mafia. here the King is a Bad guy with wicked intentions.

Lion never tried to rule any part of civilized world. But, the  mafia head has a parallel system that sometimes topple the formal hierarchy. The power of the Lords , from the dark side, has no magic but makes people disappear, make a mockery of justice, ad pulls strings making officials to act like a puppet.. what black magic they have..is to do with power …power  of killing..so it makes sense now..those who can kill for their own benefit has the potential to become a war lord.

I think, Lion should revolt and ask the  writer ,or others to keep “Jungle rule” only applicable for the wild life..Because, Lion hunts only for hunger and never for greed.

If only we could

I think, if there was a flying train that would stop to collect its passengers that are ready to change.. their looks. When you enter and get seated in a capsule..you can change how you appear..eyes, nose and ears..everything that you think doesn’t suit you.

You can change as you feel and get what you want to be  in real for you. After, your physical appearance  has become as you like..then your mind gets a message..that in order to keep your fresh new look..you must be kind heart person, gentle and good..if you commit sins or do any wrong thing..your beauty would be replaced by ugliness..Each time you do something  bad..it would show on your physical self..and so you have to be good to appear good.. that train is a mirror of yourself..it makes you see how ugly  you can turn out to be, if you indulge in sins..

Would you take a ride  int his train, if you could and would you want to change yourself and look good..as you ever wanted to be..”Perfect ” 🙂