Touching your life passing on way

Whether it is hills or valley..that takes us days..yet to travel in time..we enjoy a glass filled with lime..cost a more..a walk a stroll..a look towards trees..those with branches filled with leaves…I slowly study..nature to see..what it resembles within me.
Many things in surroundings whispers to tell…what is artificial what is real…and within my heart wants to find a niche to touch..a reason to a head that has thoughts and dreams…I am finding myself slowly..and my way too…from birth to death..and this path..if I cross your life..forgive me for any wrong that is done you…forget me..if you can not forgive


Look look a new book;)

Am I A Book :)…
You pick me up and read me through.
Turning my pages of life with you.
Each an event as we stay together..
you like my story line and body line too..
curving and tilting..
erotic it seems like a dream..
but as the details are discovered and revealed..
You find another book with a glossy picture
and a seal.
You leave me on the desk,
and wrap your arms around that and walk away..
keep it cuddled in your arms as you read the lines so fine..
and I get lonely as I collect dust..
then a friend borrows me from you..
and you let go..
he then finds a good price for me..
and I get sold..
for a penny..
I finally end up at the recycle bin..
am I tin tin..
I keep on hoping you miss my story..
but someone had made a movie that is better than my print..
I must sink .

When will you conquer self?

Remember being polite and down to earth? Those days, when values were placed high. People were not using themselves as measure to evaluate, rather a system of values were important. The rules and regulations , were safety nets that helped us to control our-self.

Yes ,it is easy to give in to mood swings or heart desires. A very difficult situation when torn between need and wants. Needs are basics and wants tend to be unlimited. A venture into dreams that lead to wishes and ultimately lots of strides.
How much it is worth , why should we indulge and to what extent is it acceptable. The set regulations stemming from culture or religious beliefs, are taught and learned as life passes by , when cut from both the person becomes a wanderer , a free soul but ultimately a prisoner of self.
The self then dictates and whatever seems right is taken for granted to be correct, dangerous notions personal opinions based on whims or illusions then challenge facts, seems ridiculous ? Not odd. No.

I find many leading a life where the person has become “a god” to himself and then wants to rule or ridicule others . Self proclaimed more than fact a creator of gods, making a mockery of God.

When you want to control or be in control of a situation , first learn to control yourself, the first thing to do is to self evaluate and find, where are you standing or not standing ? rather have fallen so low or flown so high that feet are no longer on ground to stand, walk or run. Perhaps now on Pluto 🙂 Mars or Jupiter.Or maybe somewhere that is created by no one but you..hmmm

Missing someone it feels

In My Thoughts… Thoughts are seldom in rhyme.It is not a continuous flow of ideas, rather disjointed episodes some remain haunting me others disappear; then I feel lonely…when no thoughts come to me that’s when I go and get fond memories 🙂
there are few friends who left me, good friends but no more to communicate other who got busy but I had spent with them lovely moments. I treasure that, I love them doesn’t matter if they no longer are with me they will live inside me as a smile a thought a laughter

Friends are special

Why Are Friends Special… Friends are those who are always thoughtful, truthful and sensitive to your feelings. They are always ready to share, your happiness or sorrows, with no strings attached..they like it when you borrow , their time.
They care, isn’t it a blessing, to have a true heart loving you forever, with lots of good wishes and warm feelings. Make friends and keep them, they are always on your side.

what is more important?

Is it what? How? When ? where ? or WHY? I want to know mostly “why ? ”
More than what..and where ..Yes..How also is interesting for finding ..”why” something or someone did an action .
..the sequence of thoughts and ultimate is interesting. I am not poking type..I remain a bit aloof from personal finds..for I feel..people open up..if they are comfortable with another person. There are so many options can study few and be easy with new ones..moral is to be sweet and makes things better than ever..still I want to know why?
Why you like or dislike? have a reason or two . Why you miss something or someone, did that person makes you feel new? Why you dress or remain casual a wedding or funeral that was due..why you are with me ? and not it chance or fluke?