Trip to Venus , or to Mars :)) ever said that the beautiful solar system was just for remaing orbiting endlessly. We, the humans have all rights to conquer the universe. All this was made for us, so in our present world, that is mere earth, is the starting point.

Think with eyes closed and mind open. Some of the nations are the bright students, like Japanese, Germans, Swede , mostly the inventors. In this avenue, where everyone would go to for the trip to mars by paying huge amount..the other nations who can not afford , are see who gets married with a real Martian…and how we would speak.. or maybe they are much more intelligent than us.We don’t need to speak 🙂

The space shuttle..lands and humans get off..walk around but silently there are invisible passengers riding back home. Once, they get to earth…slowly they absob all our ways..and get back to mars.

No..they don’t need our shuttle service..yep they got turbo power/sort of energy within themselves…like a lightning or even faster..they list what is in demand at earth…




so triple H formula is produced and is sold to earthlings, for a price. A new business is evolved but cash transaction is  a new system of exchange is evovled …for them..and earth has jointly got a sort of euro theory  working ..where each nation deposits own currency and the exchange factor is given as return value…

Slowly..Earthlings are becoming healthier, happier and honest. triple H is working..and we now go to Jupiter..its known as exchange program..This way all planets are exchanging and this is real universal business.

Marriages are now taking place, residential status is given and we are now learning to explore better with our partners from the other side.



Gravity is one of the main factors that make us stable. The load dead and  living , always on earth surface can be collected on a sensor based battery  where this recharging generates other useful energies. Then fuel consumptions would drop, the oil, gas  and nuclear reactor would fall from top to maybe 4th rank. Everyone got weight and gravity, so with respect to level of energy production and consumption it would be almost equal, if theoretically all energy summation is constant, that means one form gets transformed to another but “energy” remains same.

People who are fat will not feel totally neglected, after all they got weight 😉 that produces energy..

Whenever, we want to fly, we use this energy to build a thrust that repels us proportionate to our weight, and gives us option to elevate and fuel..only weight…wait for this idea to get into market 😉


One step more into transportation using..hypnotism.

What happens in hypnotism ? We leave our physical self and enter another time and space. This if could happen , similar to a telephone would be so easy..we get ourselves beamed up through satellite and get transported to another country 🙂 no visa  and no air ticket. Just make an entry and connect, there ofcourse would be few agencies that views your visit. If I wanted to see Norway, I can just click it on the map and I am climbing a mountain or watching those amazing sky filled with clouds ..And, if I want I can be either visible or invisible.

However, if I want to visit an indoor space, the owner/occupant of that space has to allow. Just imagine, your distant relatives or parents whom you miss, if you want to sit and talk to get transmitted in person. Here, your visibility has to be with the control of the host..otherwise..we will get intruders walking  all over my house and officies etc.

Our image, would be like a cloud and not tangible. No one can trap us, we can visit more than one place at a time and even have options to appear differently..imagine..all weddings would be so interesting. The guests who are beamed in, are like walking angels..and they don’t eat:))so don’t pay for them..they can only watch, talk and dance away..but nothing materialistic..

Children, Students and Researchers can access those places they can dream of going alone..yet this experience gives them a first hand information and the freedom.

We, all can be astronauts and go around the galaxy, moving like a star in the sky..zoooooooooooooom

The Invisible Cash Transactions ;)

In the near future, we the citizens of the new emerging world would be free from carrying cash and coins, no more wallets nor vaults to hold the amount of money we save or carry.

The entire cash/credit system would be synchronised with a beam running around the world forming an invisible net. The energy it gets is from all those living beings, that contributes to the beam energy.

Question is what and How?

First is what..hmm An invisible “hand band”. Every country would have a universal band made for its citizen. Once you get this, its your identification, you will input your date, for example your name, age, origin and family members. The band will take an image of your eyes and will absorb a drop of blood.Once it absorbs it, the band turns invisible.It is on your hand wrist, but no one can see. Unless, you take it off. The moment the band leaves your body, it will not function and if anyone tries to wear it or temper with it, it explodes like a bomb.

The young children would not get a band , untill they reach adulthood. So, how do they buy ice cream. The parents and the government contributes to their daily expenditure. They do have an idenity with the picture and drop of  blood, but they can not transact any money.

How boring right 😉 The senior citizens get monthy transactions and those working gets paid. The individual can do any work, whether office or home, just need to update the information and each person gets paid, accordingly. I think, house wives would be happy to get acknowledgeed for their daily labor.

The invisible hand band, is soft and weightless. Any amount you want to pay, just punch in the receiver’s id number and it is easily passed to his account, with a minimum deduction of tax. The tax is the service charge. There is no other source of transaction, so no black money hopefully doesn’texists. As, you earn , you can buy no payment. The children school fees till they graduate ispaid, as they pass their exams. The marks are equal to the money they earn.

The working group, as they keep on working , they get paid and tax is cut directly, with each payment. Don’t worry, its your country that would then reinvest for development plans. Everything becomes transparent, and mind you no hacking is possible int his system.

The country’s value is measured in the working population.Since, you wear a band you can get caught easily, if you commit a crime..hmm the band has a code to report you, by the victim. If you take it off, that too gets recorded and without a band you can not survive very long, for you become a parasite. Your number remains your’s till you die. Once dead, the band is visible and is collected. The data for the will is revealed, like a black box..and those inheriting your cash/ property etc are informed and cash is transacted.

Hoepfull this will help us get improved with user’s suggestions..but first we need to introduce it 🙂


I am really into windows, without glass panes. Yes. I am thinkng, suppose we have a window opening, and the frame got small pores.

The wind is sucked from the exposed side, and then forced out through the pores to fill the open /void, there is no glass nor any grill.

The forece of air keeps the thief out and you also don’t fall out or spill. Its a two layers of air , it has trapped the vacuum.

when, you need privacy it gets blurred, otherwise its frames, no grills, just empty space with fresh air passing from right to let and up to down, ejecting from pores..

The windows, can be also a source of light, the entire surface shines out bright, from the energy saved from sun light, using nano technology. So, let us openning with no shutters but has safety, privacy, filtered air and low maintenance..and no one breaks the glass while playing cricket or baseball 😉