When will you conquer self?

Remember being polite and down to earth? Those days, when values were placed high. People were not using themselves as measure to evaluate, rather a system of values were important. The rules and regulations , were safety nets that helped us to control our-self.

Yes ,it is easy to give in to mood swings or heart desires. A very difficult situation when torn between need and wants. Needs are basics and wants tend to be unlimited. A venture into dreams that lead to wishes and ultimately lots of strides.
How much it is worth , why should we indulge and to what extent is it acceptable. The set regulations stemming from culture or religious beliefs, are taught and learned as life passes by , when cut from both the person becomes a wanderer , a free soul but ultimately a prisoner of self.
The self then dictates and whatever seems right is taken for granted to be correct, dangerous notions personal opinions based on whims or illusions then challenge facts, seems ridiculous ? Not odd. No.

I find many leading a life where the person has become “a god” to himself and then wants to rule or ridicule others . Self proclaimed more than god..in fact a creator of gods, making a mockery of God.

When you want to control or be in control of a situation , first learn to control yourself, the first thing to do is to self evaluate and find, where are you standing or not standing ? rather have fallen so low or flown so high that feet are no longer on ground to stand, walk or run. Perhaps now on Pluto 🙂 Mars or Jupiter.Or maybe somewhere that is created by no one but you..hmmm


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