Long distance close friends :)

Social media, this has saved and destroyed many homes. In a society, where people talk more and listen less, strangers have become your closest friend. For ,they will seldom face you in real and that makes them so understanding.
It also keeps you filled..when your family and friends are not eager to talk with you..the virtual friends gives you company..yes we do tend to be sometimes naughty and that is wrong..but then..many things earlier labelled as wrong has found its way into a norm.
I don’t know..how long will social media keep us here or perhaps delete us..for reasons they have..and we can not do much about that I guess..still ..just as life passes and we enjoy certain phase.
I really feel good here all those who became my friend are really awesome people with good heart and excellent brain. I respect them all and love them dearly… you are all just amazing people.


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