what is more important?

Is it what? How? When ? where ? or WHY? I want to know mostly “why ? ”
More than what..and where ..Yes..How also is interesting for finding ..”why” something or someone did an action .
..the sequence of thoughts and ultimate result..it is interesting. I am not poking type..I remain a bit aloof from personal finds..for I feel..people open up..if they are comfortable with another person. There are so many options ..you can study few and be easy with new ones..moral is to be sweet and kind..it makes things better than ever..still I want to know why?
Why you like or dislike? have a reason or two . Why you miss something or someone, did that person makes you feel new? Why you dress or remain casual ..in a wedding or funeral that was due..why you are with me ? and not them..is it chance or fluke?


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