Friends are special

Why Are Friends Special… Friends are those who are always thoughtful, truthful and sensitive to your feelings. They are always ready to share, your happiness or sorrows, with no strings attached..they like it when you borrow , their time.
They care, isn’t it a blessing, to have a true heart loving you forever, with lots of good wishes and warm feelings. Make friends and keep them, they are always on your side.


what is more important?

Is it what? How? When ? where ? or WHY? I want to know mostly “why ? ”
More than what..and where ..Yes..How also is interesting for finding ..”why” something or someone did an action .
..the sequence of thoughts and ultimate is interesting. I am not poking type..I remain a bit aloof from personal finds..for I feel..people open up..if they are comfortable with another person. There are so many options can study few and be easy with new ones..moral is to be sweet and makes things better than ever..still I want to know why?
Why you like or dislike? have a reason or two . Why you miss something or someone, did that person makes you feel new? Why you dress or remain casual a wedding or funeral that was due..why you are with me ? and not it chance or fluke?

Need aptitude to change attitude

Intelligence Is Exciting… I admire intelligence. There is no other power so admirable as is intelligence, it makes us positive and broad minded too. Humor is the next attribute, if intelligence is first. The combination makes the person desirable, Intelligent people are hard working, they think before they work, they understand that toiling is not working.
Review and research, are the two re..that keeps them up to date in this ever changing world, where ocean of information is drowning us. Knowing if first step but using the info is the art of being intelligent. Intelligence is often rewarded and awarded too. Make effort and be intelligent, it is an aptitude but mostly can be revealed with attitude.

Common Sense

It makes life easy. It helps me explain and get things done , and no one gets infuriated or upset. Common sense , is taught and learned as we grow up , it needs exposure to life and technology too. We, have to be also a bit honest to acquire it 🙂