Turning around on solid grounds

No turning back , as life proceeds we age and change. Our mind and body, together in a direction we opt for or get accustomed to due to what we like to do.

Perceptions changes and angles to view drastically too , previously from outside now want to view from inside to out , no longer is ice cream a yearning , wish we had a mirror that constantly could reflect my changing personality , character and image.

Will that help me or will I remain blind. How more dreams will I turn into a reality and at what cost? things get clear as  mind gets lost.

I must find myself before I totally lose my perception to think and reason . I must turn around on solid grounds 🙂


Make a list

Tell me how

Tell me where

Will encourage to dare

What will  hit?

How will slip ?

Wait a bit

listen to this

things get better

try now or never

to make a list

for a twist

just wait a bit