Scars they never scare me



Years pass by and we fail to remember ..yet each one of us has a scar..sometimes when we played and hit on hard..sometimes life played a joke that left us a scar..unseen it never healed in any crept under skin and itched away..wanted to reveal but was scared to share..for it was a scar that took self respect..and faith in self..what can be worst than a lying self..when I trick another to believe..I know inside my mind what seeps..blood that runs in my veins are not what I have build each day..scars they never scare me away..for I am scar that is invisible to eyes..but felt inside..each day..every night..can you imagine ? how tough is a fight..that is within..between your desires and fears..who will conquer ..or will perish after it is tore ..tattered ..defeated in tears.


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