The war within

The victory is difficult to achieve when your enemy is “your desires”. This battle has many armors and want to leave your evil and selfishness and be able to do as is proper..why is it so difficult to tame those unruly wants..for money or fame..what others do has nothing to do with me…yet I want to become like them..why are they my peers..I must think logically and be honest..what is right is never to be twisted as undersiableBLUE-749x528
In this tug of war..I am left bare and exposed..hunger has made me a bag of bones..yet I crave for wrong ways and think those are the easiest and have the right way for achieving my fulfillment..why am I turning into a fake.? am I not good enough as I am..
I must decide now and kill this devil inside me..or it will turn me into a monster..will I escape ..can I defeat and win this war within..