I have lived a life time
Made some fond memories
all are not filled with laughter
nor dreaded with felonies 
I can die today happyor die sad as I may

But please remember to stay lively
after I am gone each day 🙂 walk along beaches
smell the flowers too
and when you recall your life

that’s when I am saying “I love you”


Borrowing Smiles :)

Life has many ups and downs. Sadness creeps in and we do do frown..that is when we grown-ups, search to find in our mind..those memories we lived and life was just fine 🙂 We borrow smiles from our past, it seems to last more than a lifetime. 

Fun is always to share, with grandchildren or their friends, sitting around listening to tales, from the past How we got married or had fallen in love, perhaps about a stolen plate..or a time we got late. The time we spend with borrowed smiles, does bring a sparkle and twinkle of our new companions..of today. 

Soon, they will all leave and go far away…and perhaps in the time to come, they will once again relive this moment and share with their friends from the extraterrestrial zones, unknown now but then, there is no limits to bounds of friendship..and time will tell how advance it will be in the generations to come..perhaps bloggers would be obsolete who knows..but human mind will still borrow smiles from their past..treasured moments will surpass all other sources that are true..but memories brings joys and blues..Some will forget but few will repeat..this story as they please..pass it’s a gift from past to the holders of the future that still last.

Pedestrian ways

Living in Dhaka has its drawbacks. The walkways are non existent !! Yep, even if the original design has a pathway, it is hawked by road side vendors, motor bike riders or too many holes and traps to make you glued to the pathway surface. I think , we should use the conveyor belt , all along the edge of a road moving at a slow rate , so people can get up and get off it. The energy source should be solar, the cover of this” moving” corridor have panels that get charged and make life easy.When it comes at crossing, it must stop.

You wait and cross the road safely, till you reach the next crossing. When a car leaves a residence, the belt will stop briefly for letting it pass or if it is in the middle, the driveway from each individual house would stop the car to cross randomly.

This can lead you straight to the main roads with over head bridges, this should continue like an escalator and get you down on the other side of the road. I am sure, the frequent use of inner lanes for small distance coverage can be safely done with this moving belt. Small school children would love to travel on those with their parents or friends. School going would be fun. 

All over the rural land, where huge distance makes the travel tedious, it could help without much spent on transportation. We, will start seeing more people on the paths and not  in the middle of roads, thus making life safer. 

Although, the idea is old but we can always use it..for a better living.