The swim against tide

Many and majority makes decisions for the minority. They call this “democracy”. On the other hand, each individual have a right to live and proceed with their goals, and doesn’t need the approval from the “majority” .

Why then..must we collectively want something or someone, is it not right to think and evaluate ..rather test those persons..or ideas, before implementing.

Dictatorship…always considered bad, because one person rules over many, yet when many rules over lesser group..why is that not injustice.

In our city, Dhaka. The traffic moves in the opposite direction, and the law enforcer’s allows this however, if you park somewhere get a ticket !

Mostly all the driving is done by those who earlier drove a three wheeler, or a bus..and the one sitting inside, the owner has never driven anything in life..making him totally blind to the reckless driving by his driver.

It is but important to think..why should the majority who are not following basic traffic rules be allowed to give a hard time to minority , who are following rules.

I want to protest, for pedestrians blocking car movements. I want to question, why a motor bike is allowed to break signals and cars are restricted. I want to demand justification, for big vehicles pushing and squeezing others for fun..I want to know..why a car stand dead stop on a highway..and the car crashing on it..gets blamed..

I get an answer…which I can’t is ” You do not know how to drive in the Dhaka”


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