Valentine blues

Oh! this year the Valentine day was good..not much happened I was working all day long and we never forgot to sing our beloved song..yes..yes..the one from past years ..we recorded it in our  mind and replayed it many times..this year we did it too..lips were silent but we hmmmed away the words were used. No need..For in Valentine day, few use lips to say words..yes..most  of couple use it to kiss…so did we..we sang our love song..with lips sealed..eyes were closed but not really..his fingers were drumming my nose tenderly.. I know it was not romantic surely..yet it was fun to be able to cuddle and wander ..wink and minds and hearts..from work station to meals..I found it between me and my hubby…there is no excitement no sensations that topple or boggles our minds..what we have is a friendship so deep..we hold each other as we sleep..never do we weep 🙂

Valentine I will wait for you in coming years..and don’t forget I like my ice cream with a pear 🙂


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