Daily Prompt : World’s Best Widget

I want to build a tool/machine. It would suck in all the spoken words and written letters..no matter where a voice is heard or a letter read..this tool will absorb the energy..the force of the meanings..it’s intensity and supply a power to the city. Since, each got a mobile phone or smart phone, tablet etc.etc…most of the users are busy busy busy!!! communicating with someone or no one..yet writing a text or a post..like me 🙂

I would like to design a machine that can attract a signal, a pulse of energy with each word, first it will be connected to internet and telephone via satellite..next using the phone numbers, it would track all conversations taking place around the vicinity. I think , most of the households has at least two phones..so on average two source for supplying 24/7 energy. 

All, this would be sent to the planets and then it will be bounced off..passed through and finally multiplied to nth level..and be ready to replace all other energy source. Talk and write…and be part of power..word power


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