You do :)

You stop ..and pause

you give me clause

you question me till last

I have to learn ..and reply to you

Although dear life 🙂

You give me no clues

Why, what, where and how ?

I spend my life from birth till now

I got angels recording me

when I die, they will present daily actions

Good and Bad ..Vices and Virtues 🙂

All are documented ..they do their chores

I am aware of this..I want to be recorded

with goodness and positivism

But , I do make mistakes

I let myself go :))

What to do ? When my sins weigh more and more and more

My soul tells me…ask forgiveness and get on right path

Stay on righteous before

I try and trip

I pass and fail

But, each time each day 

I again make mistakes

I ask forgiveness each moment I think

I want to disappear all my sins

from the record of angels ..they got wings 🙂

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