We got a bubble. It gets pricked or blown up , so big that it lifts us to a level,we forget we never had wings:-)  bubble is sometimes composed of ego,fear,doubt,jealousy or ignorance. It has dual function, first to keep our thoughts imprisoned and secondly to buffer others . Few dare to approach us and only one may  come t burst it open .People got better things to do or perhaps they got their own bubbles too.

 So,we must use a tool to break our invisible bubble,each day and every moment we get angry, you know why? Anger and pride are the two ingredients for blowing it up with ego.


You do :)

You stop ..and pause

you give me clause

you question me till last

I have to learn ..and reply to you

Although ..my dear life 🙂

You give me no clues

Why, what, where and how ?

I spend my life from birth till now

I got angels recording me

when I die, they will present daily actions

Good and Bad ..Vices and Virtues 🙂

All are documented ..they do their chores

I am aware of this..I want to be recorded

with goodness and positivism

But , I do make mistakes

I let myself go :))

What to do ? When my sins weigh more and more and more

My soul tells me…ask forgiveness and get on right path

Stay on righteous way..like before

I try and trip

I pass and fail

But, each time each day 

I again make mistakes

I ask forgiveness each moment I think

I want to disappear all my sins

from the record of angels ..they got wings 🙂

Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.

The scheming and planning..the fighting and screaming..of the family who lived in the dirty lane. As, I was making tea and the kitchen window was open ..as I could hear. The complains of a wife, who had so many children..that I never could count ..and the topic was unclear..it had too many headings. it was about past, present and future too. The wife thought, it was not possible to live ..what to do.

I heard the voices, that trembled and suffocated with tears.I wished that I didn’t hear..the resonating sound of a slap across the cheek..women are always meek.. although they scream to fight..they see their dreams shatter with fright. The next day,  it was really quiet ..the wife left the house with empty hands..with tears..I still remember that cold night in December..as I made tea..I was happy.till I overheard thee,,