Word Press got me depressed ;)

Did I just complain or wail ! Well..what can I write. Since last  week..my reader does show me the latest post by the blogs I follow..but when I want to write a comment..no..it doesn’t open..unless I open it in another window..then it gets hanged..uhu ..so what I do ..well I must read the full article and how can that happen..I went to the comments and those who commented or liked my post..I could write in their post..not bad..then I had to log off..today I am going to my gmail inbox..and from there I am accessing the post and sort of difficult..but well..where there is a will there is a way ..I just hope my previous access gets back into action 🙂


4 thoughts on “Word Press got me depressed ;)

  1. I don`t like the changes Word Press made…a desktop can handle it but my tablet and cannot. And I miss the blue and white screen where you could click on comments…why did they remove comments? I don`t mind change…change is a constant…I know that but not when change takes away something….makes me grumpy and confused.

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