Relationship must sail or it sinks

When you find a woman, let me tell you what to do πŸ™‚ No. don’t ever bribe her with rose or petals with dew. She is just as intelligent and clever as you ! If you agree with me ..then read a word or two.

Treat her as your friend and tell her all your never list them serial in all πŸ™‚ Accept that you are not perfect..would like to improve..tell her your shortcomings and see if she understood..not everyone is brave or effective as you :)) so give her chance to adjust with your ways too…

While you are with her..please notice her efforts..look into her eyes..and feel her emotions..Admire, her hair or appreciate her dress..say pretty praiseΒ  or say improvement ways..but it should be genuine ..for you are not just saying words as to are touching her heart as you feel.

Live the relationship and watch it progress..from gestures to bed..and mind you it doesn’t end there..take it one level higher with each passing day..soon she will become love of your life…slowly and surely your loving wife. Little ones will come along as years pass..she will grow to respect you you at is the first step and trust the last for confident and easy..enjoy pleasures and woes..together you must sail it..its your ship my captain..never fail it..the journey called life..has turmoil and pleasant days..till you live to say..”My darling I leave you..but my love will stay “


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