November..I remember

The Year starts with January and as it draws to close..I always waited for November to wish my friend on her birthday..9th day of 11th month each year..the day we planned for hours..starting from games to food :)) Time passed from school days to university then marriage..and we got separated physically..friendship  remained strong..last year I called her on 9th November to wish her “Happy Birthday” her phone kept ringing and sometimes a recorded voice played..that was strange..for she is so perfectly precise and prompt..I panicked and called up my mother asking her to mother returned my call..and told friend died on 8th September..but..why nobody told me..they were too was because 9th September is my birthday..and telling me about my friend’s death would make me feel sad.

I was a bit upset when she didn’t wish me on my birthday..but I never thought she left me forever…it was in September she appeared in my dreams and did say good bye..I never thought she could leave me..I still miss her..when November comes I now remember her with tears.nothing to plan..nothing to celebrate..she is gone..only her loving smile and I recall her voice calling my name..hugging me to show..that I am special to is so addictive..I still want to see to her hear her tell me what to do and not to do.between the two of us,she was the sweet and intelligent one..always so comforting tears still fall..whenever I write about her..I pray for her daily and I wish to meet her after I die..there is so many things to tell her..earlier she would say,” You matter how many new friends you make..I will be your oldest..since I became your friend from pre-school..and that holds true for me too..” Yes..its matter how many friends I make and keep..your place will never be re still loved..missed and adored by me..little more each passing year..see ya!


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