How can we listen and understand.

The cemetery was silent..yet the leaves rustled away..ants were busy marching up and down..from colony to the old trees. Squirrels were regular visitors on branches and head stone. Birds..the feathery partner singing alone or chorus..all free. There were so many living amongst the dead..the butterfly came to visit the newly bloomed flowers growing all over the graves..the cemetery was beautiful , it had a composition of nature cradling the dead.

Sitting on the alleys , a thought passed my mind..what if..we had a device to listen each of the bird, tree, leaves and insects that party  over the graves..and those dead  if they have voices..will we be able to hear from them..what matters most now they have only souls and no body..The silence of this cemetery would end..there would be sounds from each and I will get confused..who to listen and where to reply..then I understood ..why..I am unable to hear all those who surrounds is only important to hear  other living human we must first fulfill our duties towards our fellow beings.


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