When is it easy to die and hard to live

Life on earth is a challenge. Some are trying to become famous, through wealth, beauty or intelligence..but ultimate goal is fame..the medal of success. Few are trying to serve humanity, they are constantly, finding avenues to inspire and promote..in a long run, they may also get popular. The difference between the two is, one aims to get fame..other is focused on work ..however, fame comes to them.

Who has a harder life on earth ? I think both..for getting famous..you need to work hard, be precise and keep on your effort to excel..each stage makes you go higher and it keeps you, progressing. You get awards and recognition, you work better and more effectively..it pressures you …when you are asked.. if you want to die..you want more from life..so dying is like failing..for this..you cling to world.

The person who has devoted life for the well being of others, has many challenges to face, from hard work and resistance to gain confidence of people, convincing and collecting facts about your cause..making it work in the end..for the people..you are in threat and you also have chances of target killing. If you are asked about death..you too have a long list of things to be done..before you close your eyes.

Death comes to both..people miss and remember those who served them.and the ones who were busy collecting medals..are praised in speeches ..but few  find tears in their eyes ..but when a mentor dies..the nation cries..feels and prays  ..for they have lost a heart..that felt their pain..we connect more with  pain then with joy.


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