Pain Of Anticipation

Pain Of Anticipation

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Anticipation..for me..when I was younger..I used to wait with hope..when it was about any result..but when it was a waiting for an appointment with a doctor..fear would lurk. life passed..I realized..that waiting and dreaming make up most of our life a renowned poet , Mirza Ghalib wrote,” I got my four days of life span, two was used up in dreaming and remaining two in waiting/anticipation.
Few of dreams or hope,,time has all those are now deleted from the trash bin..those that remains still are on waiting..but I have decided to live my life..each day..not waiting for my dreams to realize..but to make the present life..a dream come true 😉
I never feel any pain in waiting..for it is this time..that nothing is suppose to happen..technically it is an idle time..when I can do as I please..short spans like waiting for a meeting to me time to review my points..waiting for a dentist to start his aggressive drilling..I am consciously enjoying the “no pain” time..because once he is done with me…ouch! then there is just throbbing pain.. I like to me some eyes wander to ceiling..carpet..checking the decor..when I used to wait for a friend..I would look at myself at least twenty times..girls do have fun admiring have no friends..who come to visit me..yep everyone is busy..I come to word press to write..but here the only thing I wait for is..dinner..yes while I am waiting for dinner to be served..I am at Word Press..trying as fast to use this time..I know that it will end..but I love to extend this waiting time…as I want dinner to get delayed..


Beautiful Love

The beauty of love has not much to do with how she was more to do with how she knew..” how to love” matters..when feelings are absorbed in heart..when she enters a space, and a smile lights up your eyes..her name is enough to make your head turn and look that way..As she trail her till your eyes can see..then you check ..has she reached..that love is beautiful..that needs no is when love is a way you is the breathe you take..its natural ..never a know her is not fake..she makes you smile matter what she says..she always says it..with love.

Can you leave her side..not possible for each day..she loves you more and every want to is how you want to be loved a beautiful love…sit beside her under a tree..and enjoy nature wonderfully..she will help you immensely..when you need her ways she loves you endlessly,


Can you trust death

Death you mock life beauty
Living if a reality, dying is must
Love may not travel, beyond
Where you go, there is no return
no peace but you thought
let us not forget, we don’t know what awaits
Death has no mercy on life
Why will you be Happy with death
What can she give that life never offered
Silence, screams and misery, is for us again
There is no escape from pain
Now..does death sounds like escape or trap

Mc Kay Jeffe -dead

Mc Kay Jeffe -dead

Can you picture me :)

When you visit my blog

What are you looking in words

You are thinking or questioning to see

Evaluating my work, correcting my effort

You tend to discover the unseen

there is no reality, but its true

It is me, faceless , silent

ventilating ideas, you forgot

Come read my stories

Find messages between lines

everything is fine

some you may decline

to be not worthy of your time

Please tell me 🙂

I will improve my input..little by little

bit by bit..come visit my blog

Like or comment..or just read it again

Take some pain, to understand me 🙂

We are here for a reason :)

Goodbyes are hard for those who stay and easy for the one leaving. The poet, Eric V, wrote five books, contributed daily to WordPress. we, enjoyed each verse , his thought, feeling as if, it would pour in endlessly.

Yesterday, he decided that his goal was accomplished and he doesn’t want to stay with us. Fair enough 🙂 Still..doesn’t seems right ..or is it because we will not be able to see his blog anymore …. we are  bit greedy .. always wanting more and of thoughts have passed us and made us feel so fresh, each time we took  dip in his  poetic oceans..we never did regret.


How can we listen and understand.

The cemetery was silent..yet the leaves rustled away..ants were busy marching up and down..from colony to the old trees. Squirrels were regular visitors on branches and head stone. Birds..the feathery partner singing alone or chorus..all free. There were so many living amongst the dead..the butterfly came to visit the newly bloomed flowers growing all over the graves..the cemetery was beautiful , it had a composition of nature cradling the dead.

Sitting on the alleys , a thought passed my mind..what if..we had a device to listen each of the bird, tree, leaves and insects that party  over the graves..and those dead  if they have voices..will we be able to hear from them..what matters most now they have only souls and no body..The silence of this cemetery would end..there would be sounds from each and I will get confused..who to listen and where to reply..then I understood ..why..I am unable to hear all those who surrounds is only important to hear  other living human we must first fulfill our duties towards our fellow beings.