You bring me flowers


I am carrying the beautiful bouquet of roses  you gave. I don’t know ,  if its okay 😉 I didn’t accept your love nor proposal, yet you let me keep them as a gift to say ,” You value me .

Just as the velvety petals would wither and drop, making the fragrance a lingering memory of an uneventful day. I wonder with unblinking eyes , was it too heavy for you to carry, all those roses..away ! 

Did the lightness of your mood fade and crept in sadness with you left and vanished forever..People may ask me reason for getting so many roses , when its not my birthday 😉 

I am wondering what to tell them….I feel guilty for leading my heart’s door and turning you down this way…I may regret in saying “no” to you today…but I can not lie to myself..nor to you..When I know I will be no more..for you ..from now..this moment..this day. I have no tomorrow with you..I don’t want to get you lost in sorrows..Yet..I feel the guilt killing me a naked dagger driven in heart..bleeding me just as  the petals’ color. I regret ..but it is all in vain..


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