Astronauts returned with aliens

A space ship was sent outer space. The space craft landed at Jupiter and returned. It was not really known..that the sip carried back aliens with it. The Jupies..were  actually invisible to human eye..because human mind couldn’t see them..But..they were visible to the insects. Anywhere ,jupies went the insects buzzed.

The people who had returned were working and relaxing..unaware that jupies were quickly making clones from their brain cells. Yes..jupies were capable of entering human thoughts but never could find about their heart.

After staying for six months, they boarded another space craft and landed at Mars. The Martians were excited to the jupies were loaded with new computer series and iPad. They were boasting of travelling back into time and gets relics from the prehistoric era.

The Martians , planned to visit earth ..and waited for the space craft to venture into its zone. Martians planned to bring few plants from earth. as the ones distinct were still growing on earth.

The jupies unknowingly left a magic on the wings of butterfly. Where ever, the butterfly would touch the  object could speak but not feel. Soon, the garden flowers  were protesting their untimely death. The trees were showing attitude, grass was growing wild and screaming when it was time to trim.

The Nature was turning into an amoeba, unshaped and ugly. Humans, couldn’t walk anywhere, climb any mountains. The nature has found its voice and was turning against humans.

The food supply was limited, as grains were not been cut nor vegetables available. The entire animal Kingdom was getting the ” butterfly magic” with ants and birds united to kill everyone and anyone who tried to kill them again.

The astronauts learned their lesson and so did the can go alone but there is no guarantee that you can return alone.


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