Lion the jungle King


Who decided the Jungle to have a King ? Anyone remembers ? Any tales from the past..when Kings and Queens were ruling the world ? And Jungle was to be ruled by Animals..hence a King for them ..elected or selected. I have no idea.

Seems reasonable though..that animal Kingdom must have their own King. Why lion ? Why not elephant or Rhino..I always used to think but never asked anyone.. Now we live in an era, where scientist or adventurer goes to the wild wildlife and inject or tag the animals, leave them and later track for studying them..although its for the betterment of the animal world.. I doubt if any animal has approved of this action.

in our society ,we too, have a jungle rule. That is might is right. In this rule, majority is authority blends..when might being equal to number of fist that can hit you black and blue.

Lion was made the King by a story teller..that is my idea, and anyone who reads this can voice an objection..I will not make any hue and cry. In terms of society, Jungle rule is the dark side the under world..mafia. here the King is a Bad guy with wicked intentions.

Lion never tried to rule any part of civilized world. But, the  mafia head has a parallel system that sometimes topple the formal hierarchy. The power of the Lords , from the dark side, has no magic but makes people disappear, make a mockery of justice, ad pulls strings making officials to act like a puppet.. what black magic they to do with power …power  of it makes sense now..those who can kill for their own benefit has the potential to become a war lord.

I think, Lion should revolt and ask the  writer ,or others to keep “Jungle rule” only applicable for the wild life..Because, Lion hunts only for hunger and never for greed.


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