Aptitude and attitude


Positive versus negative. In each attraction , opposite attracts.. Ever wonder why? To fulfill what is absent  inside us..no wonder the union is almost opposite  in form. To hold and make it complete.

Aptitude..the strength within enabling us to perform and attitude..the energy channeled to get performance . Here, comes the positive and negative aspects, of course, things never happen in isolation, there are many factors that make us behave as we do..but what makes each one of us responsible for our action is the combination of aptitude and our attitude..we maybe very intelligent but a little slack can get us all wrong and that is totally our failure..then people question our ability to perform with consistency. Although, human being got mood swings, health conditions but another person wants his work to be executed perfectly..because it matters to him , A surgeon may have many problems but when he has to operate.. he must focus..what he is doing is isolating his mind from all other avenues , and trying to perform his best..otherwise. he will/should decline .

Each day, we do some work either at home or at office, we fail sometimes  or barely make it…and at others we excel..when we evaluate our performance..it helps us to realize..that although practice  makes it perfect, but each day we must  be able to perform perfectly that we had practiced earlier 😉

Enhance your aptitude with your attitude, and then keep the attitude in tune to further improve your aptitude 😉


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