Fabian Oefner-DS Mag.

26 37 46 56 113Filled with colors and pressurized bursting the balloons..leads to art created in a splash..forming a pattern..blending and mixing as it explodes. A brilliant design concept by Fabian Oefner.


You bring me flowers


I am carrying the beautiful bouquet of roses  you gave. I don’t know ,  if its okay 😉 I didn’t accept your love nor proposal, yet you let me keep them as a gift to say ,” You value me .

Just as the velvety petals would wither and drop, making the fragrance a lingering memory of an uneventful day. I wonder with unblinking eyes , was it too heavy for you to carry, all those roses..away ! 

Did the lightness of your mood fade and crept in sadness with dismay..as you left and vanished forever..People may ask me reason for getting so many roses , when its not my birthday 😉 

I am wondering what to tell them….I feel guilty for leading you..to my heart’s door and turning you down this way…I may regret in saying “no” to you today…but I can not lie to myself..nor to you..When I know I will be no more..for you ..from now..this moment..this day. I have no tomorrow with you..I don’t want to get you lost in sorrows..Yet..I feel the guilt killing me within..like a naked dagger driven in heart..bleeding me just as  the petals’ color. I regret ..but it is all in vain..

Good Old Days

Past was yesterdays..yet it lingers on tight today

What was so beautiful..in exactly what way ?

People were less, but love was more

Those who were jealous, were marked as sore

Questions were asked..and answered with honor

Now you answer in questions  manner

Linkages have weakened

Ties have gone

Men and Women 

are not always together and on 😉

Values have changed..for better or worst

Cultures have united..globally for all

Yet wars are fought, bombs are blasted

Nations are whipped out..lives get wasted

Technologies improved.

We travel to moon

But..humanity is fading

Love is vanishing

warmth is decreasing

Life years are increasing

Life value is decreasing..


Astronauts returned with aliens

A space ship was sent outer space. The space craft landed at Jupiter and returned. It was not really known..that the sip carried back aliens with it. The Jupies..were  actually invisible to human eye..because human mind couldn’t see them..But..they were visible to the insects. Anywhere ,jupies went the insects buzzed.

The people who had returned were working and relaxing..unaware that jupies were quickly making clones from their brain cells. Yes..jupies were capable of entering human thoughts but never could find about their heart.

After staying for six months, they boarded another space craft and landed at Mars. The Martians were excited to see..how the jupies were loaded with new computer series and iPad. They were boasting of travelling back into time and gets relics from the prehistoric era.

The Martians , planned to visit earth ..and waited for the space craft to venture into its zone. Martians planned to bring few plants from earth. as the ones distinct were still growing on earth.

The jupies unknowingly left a magic on the wings of butterfly. Where ever, the butterfly would touch the  object could speak but not feel. Soon, the garden flowers  were protesting their untimely death. The trees were showing attitude, grass was growing wild and screaming when it was time to trim.

The Nature was turning into an amoeba, unshaped and ugly. Humans, couldn’t walk anywhere, climb any mountains. The nature has found its voice and was turning against humans.

The food supply was limited, as grains were not been cut nor vegetables available. The entire animal Kingdom was getting the ” butterfly magic” with ants and birds united to kill everyone and anyone who tried to kill them again.

The astronauts learned their lesson and so did the earthling..you can go alone but there is no guarantee that you can return alone.

Lion the jungle King


Who decided the Jungle to have a King ? Anyone remembers ? Any tales from the past..when Kings and Queens were ruling the world ? And Jungle was to be ruled by Animals..hence a King for them ..elected or selected. I have no idea.

Seems reasonable though..that animal Kingdom must have their own King. Why lion ? Why not elephant or Rhino..I always used to think but never asked anyone.. Now we live in an era, where scientist or adventurer goes to the wild wildlife and inject or tag the animals, leave them and later track for studying them..although its for the betterment of the animal world.. I doubt if any animal has approved of this action.

in our society ,we too, have a jungle rule. That is might is right. In this rule, majority is authority blends..when might being equal to number of fist that can hit you black and blue.

Lion was made the King by a story teller..that is my idea, and anyone who reads this can voice an objection..I will not make any hue and cry. In terms of society, Jungle rule is the dark side the under world..mafia. here the King is a Bad guy with wicked intentions.

Lion never tried to rule any part of civilized world. But, the  mafia head has a parallel system that sometimes topple the formal hierarchy. The power of the Lords , from the dark side, has no magic but makes people disappear, make a mockery of justice, ad pulls strings making officials to act like a puppet.. what black magic they have..is to do with power …power  of killing..so it makes sense now..those who can kill for their own benefit has the potential to become a war lord.

I think, Lion should revolt and ask the  writer ,or others to keep “Jungle rule” only applicable for the wild life..Because, Lion hunts only for hunger and never for greed.

Dreams vs Nightmares

Close your eyes ..and its dark 

Night is dark with stars as light

Stars are far although big

looks like twinkle..you can miss

Night has many stars far away

Day got Sun..to wake up and stay

Nightmares are worries

Dreams are wishes fairies

Both fill your darkness with episodes of day

They make you experience , at dead of night

The light side or screams that fright

Can you escape those in any way ?

No ..not possible try as you may

unless you work to get  your goals

till you defeat your enemies , be bold

then your sleep has no dreams nor screams

its peaceful..its serene


Aptitude and attitude


Positive versus negative. In each attraction , opposite attracts.. Ever wonder why? To fulfill what is absent  inside us..no wonder the union is almost opposite  in form. To hold and make it complete.

Aptitude..the strength within enabling us to perform and attitude..the energy channeled to get performance . Here, comes the positive and negative aspects, of course, things never happen in isolation, there are many factors that make us behave as we do..but what makes each one of us responsible for our action is the combination of aptitude and our attitude..we maybe very intelligent but a little slack can get us all wrong and that is totally our failure..then people question our ability to perform with consistency. Although, human being got mood swings, health conditions but another person wants his work to be executed perfectly..because it matters to him , A surgeon may have many problems but when he has to operate.. he must focus..what he is doing is isolating his mind from all other avenues , and trying to perform his best..otherwise. he will/should decline .

Each day, we do some work either at home or at office, we fail sometimes  or barely make it…and at others we excel..when we evaluate our performance..it helps us to realize..that although practice  makes it perfect, but each day we must  be able to perform perfectly that we had practiced earlier 😉

Enhance your aptitude with your attitude, and then keep the attitude in tune to further improve your aptitude 😉