Women liberation

Malala..a symbol of women liberation. Women have been terrorized by men..for making them and keeping them as slaves..the most  crucial aspect of a slave is to be unaware and illiterate. That was perhaps the reason, education was seen as a weapon more lethal than any bomb or drone.

Education makes a woman..a human being in control. Are women all pious and sweet.. . NO. Men and Women both are good and bad. However, we have never seen any group gun down boys for taking up studies..We have never seen any newly wedded husband burned to death for not being able to get a dowry. We never saw killing  of unborn male child.

This war against women..is terrifying and the terrorists are sort  of traumatizing those who are resisting to let women suffer..I keep on thinking why ..Why only women are targets..then at time I feel..it is because we got many traitors ..in our breed .

The mother- in -law is against her daughter- in -law and same  is true for the daughter-in-law getting ideas to throw away her mother-in-law.The sons are always given more food and less work, a biased system although girls do much hard work since early age..the amount of money spent  on male child education exceeds their female counter parts..and this series of actions gets a nod from other women..with or without any consent..I sit five minutes in a group of women and find them discussing issues that are more  personal and less subjective..it makes me wonder..why they never use opportunities  like a social gathering to think about their rights..are we not going to stand united in every day life..it is not about hating men..Never..We love men and we really feel good with them..but..we must not sacrifice women’s right for getting a sugar coated candy.

It is time to wake up..and think like a human being..get  a place on basis of our hard work and intelligence..and give a lending hand to women too..and not push them to lower ranks due to jealousy or  other reason..We, the women in position must  pull those around us to stand up and become respectful.

If women will not protect  women..then terrorist will not feel terrorized..women must educate their children to respect and feel equal..all mothers  must come together and give a solid training for a better future..a safer world.

Stop being biased..Start the change..you can do it..try it once again 🙂


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