Alarm Clock :)

I sleep like a log 🙂 Yep..that  is what  my husband tells me. Can I deny that ? No 🙂 I am happy that I sleep so deep. Whenever, I hit the bed..I never remember anything else..except the dreams or nightmares that I see.. then I slowly turn and twist maybe and pull away the sheet..and get diagonal in position.Unintentionally..I push my dear husband to the farthest edge of the bed..and take the sheet and roll in the opposite direction.

I have alarms set, one for 4.15 am and another for 5.30 am..both goes  on ringing..and wakes up my husband as I continue to sleep :). he wakes me up around 6.30 am with a cup of tea, a smile and a touch on my shoulder..with a usual question ” Do you want to sleep or ?”

I promptly always answer,”Please..yes I want my tea”

Sometimes ,he asks me to make tea and my reply  is” Are you sure”

He  is not and quickly relieves me, by  presenting me with a hot cup of tea. I always  brush and comb my hair, before I take a sip. I look for the newspaper, he hands it to me..he knows I want to feel the newness.

When at night..He asks me to get the water ..I always give him directions like..turn around, take a right and there  is your water with the  jug. He always  laughs and tell me that I am a big time..lazy…. i never  mind that..because its true and also because he  loves to spoil me and I really enjoy that 😉

My grandmother told me, for a girl there are two places where she can be really  happy. When she is with her father ,she  is his Princess..he showers everything on her..takes her side and gives her  many things. My father was like that, he and I would take a walk to the corner shop at  night and he will always  buy a single sweet..then he would unwrap and cut into was always for me. my two elder brothers never were interested in this night walk..that I would enjoy.. My father had a hobby for collecting stamps, and I would sit and monitor what was going where..he made albums for all of us, my brothers had cars etc mine were all butterflies and flowers. He always liked when I carried  his body dared to wake him up except  me 🙂

When my father died. I couldn’t cry because my  mother was crying too much.. I felt I had to be strong, as my brothers were and I kept telling my mother..that she is not alone..but till today..I know deep inside me..that she is lonely..because you can never be happy without the man who loves you..


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