I am in control


my friend..my parent’s  pet..when I was born he was waiting eagerly to be my friend too..cute right 😉


Words or Swords


deadly  or  lovely

sweet or harsh

kill once  or many

death comes naught

but just breaks apart

haunting memories

of beautiful lips

words were empty

dead tulips

writing was fancy

poetry and  prose

come occasion 

no one get up 

they just dozed ..

Felt a need to apply 

red lipstick to cheer 

a toast..to you and everyone

who reads and hears,

listens and speaks

understand the agony

when heart breaks and bleeds


Spread love not smoke


Flying high in the month of July

You decide to leave a trail of love

You seldom can realize, how many got or not

No chance, for anyone to return you back

Itis  only give..for when you aim high

you must get lighter , as you go higher

yep..gravity pulls more..that is why

give love as you soar..up..up and away 🙂


PS: Keep the fuel reloaded with good thoughts and innovative ways. We, can not  repair lost souls.

Little girl


She got everything that  is beautiful and sweet

little girls are like angels with giggles and treats

they kiss you lightly and shy away with a smile

little girls are melodious , happy and fragile

they got brains, got wits ..got tiny tots and bits

and a heart so true..makes it hard to choose

which one to take..which to let go

little girls are gifts of God 

Praise them pamper them

treat them like lords 🙂