If only we could

I think, if there was a flying train that would stop to collect its passengers that are ready to change.. their looks. When you enter and get seated in a capsule..you can change how you appear..eyes, nose and ears..everything that you think doesn’t suit you.

You can change as you feel and get what you want to be  in real for you. After, your physical appearance  has become as you like..then your mind gets a message..that in order to keep your fresh new look..you must be kind heart person, gentle and good..if you commit sins or do any wrong thing..your beauty would be replaced by ugliness..Each time you do something  bad..it would show on your physical self..and so you have to be good to appear good.. that train is a mirror of yourself..it makes you see how ugly  you can turn out to be, if you indulge in sins..

Would you take a ride  int his train, if you could and would you want to change yourself and look good..as you ever wanted to be..”Perfect ” 🙂


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