balloons by Jonathan Harris -DS Mag


Balloons of hope filled with a wish, for future life. So light it can float, so thin that one prick and it burst open all are blown up and each want to fly..some wants a spouse, few need jobs..others freedom or a peaceful death..but those who want to wish  for something but can not wish for anything..are the ones who wished for everything.


If only we could

I think, if there was a flying train that would stop to collect its passengers that are ready to change.. their looks. When you enter and get seated in a can change how you appear..eyes, nose and ears..everything that you think doesn’t suit you.

You can change as you feel and get what you want to be  in real for you. After, your physical appearance  has become as you like..then your mind gets a message..that in order to keep your fresh new must be kind heart person, gentle and good..if you commit sins or do any wrong thing..your beauty would be replaced by ugliness..Each time you do something would show on your physical self..and so you have to be good to appear good.. that train is a mirror of makes you see how ugly  you can turn out to be, if you indulge in sins..

Would you take a ride  int his train, if you could and would you want to change yourself and look you ever wanted to be..”Perfect ” 🙂

Keep it or hold


Light it glows  in dark

love is, calling of lark

trust, your hand and mind

always drink water

seldom wine 😉

feel enlightened

with goodness and peace

doesn’t matter who earned dollars in heap

you will only take with you a flimsy soul

few stories untold

riches and  balance,

are only yours

till you breath holds

then..its  not your’s


just dark grave and creepy soil

is your bed forever dear good soul 😉

Daily Prompt-Normal

Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

Normal means to me, as being per expectations. means  “Perfect” 

Although, many may assume that to be perfect is super is and so is being normal. Normal temperature, temperament, results,dressings..that can be accepted ..because it is just as it is defined in dictionary and  our conception. Otherwise its a can be mentally challenged or physically..some may term that as abnormal behaviour or appearance. Needing additional care and thought.

To be normal is a gift, it makes life easy. But..average is not normal. Average is the middle or mean value, but normal is the perfect range in values..what more can you ask of a situation or a person. It is but normal to smile if you can understand a joke 🙂 It is normal to cry, if you yell at me or die..It is normal to sleep at night I guess..and normal to eat when the  clock and self timer rings a buzz..

Normally I am outstanding 🙂