I am not complaining :))

Women are amazing..because they can leave the place where they lived all their life before marriage and make new friends.The first new friend, is your husband..he is the one you had dreamt about with open eyes and a blissful smile..sort of funny..batting eyes..but suddenly you discover ..your dream man is your husband and you are actually smiling..he spoils you and that is a must..no wonder you left your parents house and never miss your siblings either..what does he offer ? 

Everything..you wanted..so you are ready to give him yourself..not in exchange but as a gift..and you  get a status too..yep ..you are love of his life 😉

Keep it..its a very juicy position .

Does he find you better than a wrestling match no 🙂

Does he confide in you every little info..never

Does he tell you ..you are beautiful as ever ..not anymore 😉

hmmmm ..then he is your husband for sure..don’t worry its like that always..yet secretly and tenderly he loves you..but not only you 😉


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