Exercise and improvise :)


What do you do ? When you feel stressed or depressed ?

Get into your tennis shoes , pick up a racket and smash all your depression?

Thats the way to beat your anger and anxiety..go around jog jog ..leave the sadness behind..sweat it out..feel tired but not beaten..for you did accomplish something..lifted yourself and made yourself elevated.and excel..what you did was control yourself :)) You ruled your mind and body helped..a lot 🙂


You lifted weight and got a good posture..You can feel that lightness , as you shed weight and stood up straight..Its your call..beat them all..raise your leg and kick box..now calm down and smile :)))

Yes..to exercise and no to depression and too much eating..be light feel right exercise is a delight..experience it..day or night..depends on mood nooooooo depends on you :))

smarty 😉


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