Dreams die or get dry ?

Some one intelligent of course..well read and experienced said, ” Dreams never die” but the one who had this vision died..so after the death..it became a dream of the one who  thought the dream was good enough to follow..but..isn’t it like..a cold burger..passed its  shelf life and no more on the sale..but a little dog’s meal..if the dog was astray..other wise a Big no no..so dreams don’t die ..it get passed on ..is it a parcel ..a gift ..or a burden ..that you inherit..generations are passed with struggles when they dream for freedom..they all die and let the dream live..we want inventions becaue we need and someone makes it happen..in stages bit by bit ..finally  we get it..meaning the next/future generation..but we dream not for them..but for us..only if dreams were as small as our life on earth..so..what to do ? Be mean or be generous..live for yourself  or die for others..choice is your’s dream ..hold it ..its soft as ice cream ..may get sour or melt  .. don’t scream…have patience to dream ..to realize..to freeze..to wine and dine ..just be fine ..but dream 😉



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