Garden Paths -Better Homes and gardens

it is always so beautiful to walk amongst trees100231047.jpg.rendition.largest

100574890.jpg.rendition.largestpaths are curving away as I see101069309.jpg.rendition.largest few times leads straight to the porchBHG121826.jpg.rendition.largestat times circulate to think BHG124723.jpg.rendition.largestBHG128577.jpg.rendition.largestBHG131210.jpg.rendition.largestBHG131211.jpg.rendition.largestBHG131214.jpg.rendition.largestBHG135056.jpg.rendition.largestBHG135121.jpg.rendition.largestBHG141054.jpg.rendition.largestBHG149126.jpg.rendition.largestREN606884.jpg.rendition.largestSIP874259.jpg.rendition.largest


Weekly Challenge -Cell Phones

I find cell phone as a tool for communication. It has recently introduced, money transfer and is used by the rural people  for acquiring information.

The rural residents need information to fix rates for their commodities, cell phone has made that very easy. The business deals are more transparent and faster.

Money transactions has become easier for workers living abroad or in cities, they  can send  instant cash to their  loved ones, without any haggling and dealys. Its cell phones that has made this  possible, without having to visit any banks  or feel insecure while carrying  cash amount.

The  community  living in areas where transportation is almost nill, important guidance from medical representatives  is helping in recovery for the women living in remote locations. It is also much used by  poor peasants for educating their children.

Hence, the use of cell phone is a source of  hope and comfort for those, who can not afford to move into cities. It  does fulfill, ones need and remains cheap in terms of investments.

However, when its misused by  pedestrians crossing roads and getting hit by  the on coming traffic, it  does make  one hate it..but  actually, its not the technology that is to be blamed.It is the  user, who is abusing it and not conforming to the way, it should be used.

Many people waste time  listening to music or social networking, but others manage time and they enjoy those activities in a befitting manner. This  does mean, you need to have a control over your leisure and wants, to be able to appreciate your communication and not  just going on and on, like an addiction.

Cell phones are much needed, when any tragedy  happens, for we need to communicate for addressing all emergencies, specially in case of a natural disaster.

I think, just as  watching television needs regulations so does a cell phone.

use but do not abuse, its a technology so be smart and not a behave like a fool.