Do you think before you speak/write

I was thinking..when I am talking do I listen and think before I reply or just hurriedly reply? What is the hurry? Why? There is normally no time line , like a quiz show that before a beep I must answer. So..when someone told me magnetic personality means , those who made me think..positive repells not does it mean the leader is negative and we are all positive..something like a magnet bar with needles..that made me think..why are opposite attracted… lets not get into man and woman union theory..normally people who are introvert get extrovert partners..for convenience..if suppose both are same..then they will not have time for each one got is all time in the world and so is available mostly :)) doesn’t sound very equal..but then equals also never get together..have you ever seen any movie with two funny character is always abit more intelligent than the making friends I think..we should have one rule..or may be two rules..but in principle one basic idea..

To accept as is basis..and no matter how opposite you are or alike..keep all issues , ideology concepts away from people..then subject is never more than a topic and person is always accepted on own merit 😉

Thinking before and writing after is good..what do you think?


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