Why hate ..

Why hate, people just hate the actions/sins. Try to get away from burdening your soul with depressing agents, like revenge and jealousy..it makes us frown and contemplate. Untill, we become what we hate..then we must be hating ourselves in the end.
Hatred, is sometimes a by-product of anger. When we get irritated and suffocated, we find the reason or the person, then we start to hate..although we now can breathe and are relieved..So why do we carry this extra burden in our minds in future..why can’t we let go of what went wrong and look on the brighter side..turn on the light or move the blinds..yep sun shines..why turn away in gloomy moods..that swing and twist and make you all crooked, like a burned out twig or fallen leaves..are we not people and living our lives..having family with ties and friends with love..what makes us keep the hatred above our happiness..so close yet..unreachable for hatred..does make it impossible to smile..it does make us frown..cry..yell and get jealous..we turn darker and darker..worste than the initial suffocation we suffered..for that was external..this is totally internal..it is a film thick as fog, covering our heart, mind and soul..one day we die..but this uneasines doesn’t let us live even for a day..so..ask yourself..why hate..

337-649x649 sun burns..to give life..but you will only burn yourself with hate..


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