One step more into transportation using..hypnotism.

What happens in hypnotism ? We leave our physical self and enter another time and space. This if could happen , similar to a telephone would be so easy..we get ourselves beamed up through satellite and get transported to another country 🙂 no visa  and no air ticket. Just make an entry and connect, there ofcourse would be few agencies that views your visit. If I wanted to see Norway, I can just click it on the map and I am climbing a mountain or watching those amazing sky filled with clouds ..And, if I want I can be either visible or invisible.

However, if I want to visit an indoor space, the owner/occupant of that space has to allow. Just imagine, your distant relatives or parents whom you miss, if you want to sit and talk to get transmitted in person. Here, your visibility has to be with the control of the host..otherwise..we will get intruders walking  all over my house and officies etc.

Our image, would be like a cloud and not tangible. No one can trap us, we can visit more than one place at a time and even have options to appear differently..imagine..all weddings would be so interesting. The guests who are beamed in, are like walking angels..and they don’t eat:))so don’t pay for them..they can only watch, talk and dance away..but nothing materialistic..

Children, Students and Researchers can access those places they can dream of going alone..yet this experience gives them a first hand information and the freedom.

We, all can be astronauts and go around the galaxy, moving like a star in the sky..zoooooooooooooom


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