The invisible soul

Soul is always invisible. Infact, everything that has to do with feelings is invisible. Not seen yet felt and believed. Happiness, sadness and anger to name a few. I always think, of becoming invisible so that I can do things without getting noticed. Few times, we want to disappear..vanish normally to escape. Depression leads to suicide, and if we could have become invisible by choice..many of us would never be seen after a heart break or commiting  CRIME OR SIN..

Angels are invisible and so is God..but people  come up with concepts of denying the existence of things or powers that are invisible to eye. Yet, each one of us say that pain although is not visible exists..hurts ..making us cry ..searching for remedy and paying to get rid of it..but can not see.

Human beings got lots of time to ponder about things that are beyond their thoughts ..and that which they know for sure..seldom do they give that any thought. For example, taking care of bills or performing a duty..few would be eager to do that with pride..because its not philosophical..yet  it gives them life’s philosophy of learning to survive.

Each time, I come to wordpress..I become a bit aware of strangers and search for friends..those who are not afraid ..mostly people are afraid..they fear many is part of their life to fear..unknown faces..totally devoid of any connection except to read/write/see.

This exchange of information doesn’t make me rich nor the other poor, other than the award nominations..but then..fear is an underlying this virtual world..scammers and cheaters..thieves of ideas and words..people are connecting to destroy..and loot..

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