Eastern Bluebird #28

why do you tweet on twitter..you are not a bird like me..and I have no followers ..can you see..I am free..I fly and find my supplies, a tiny worm or a slurpy snake..I am not a fake..like you human beings..who impose to tweet..and want followers to like or reply..oh! never can I understand ..why you want to tweet..to mock or please..us the beautiful feathery passengers on this earth.


eastern bluebird28

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The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Idyllic

by michelle w. on March 25, 2013

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?


Community is made up of values  shared and customized. My ideal community should have people who are positive and broad minded. Their values must be deep rooted in principles that allows humanity to be free. Legal and moral issues are not confused. So, a community to be  ideal, has to be Honest, Intelligent and Open/Confident.

The responsibilites of individuals must be weaved with family ties, where neighbours are part of the extended family circle. neighbourhood unity, understanding , belonging to the space with a sense of responsibility, would make living secure and happy.

Values are simple, each group may belong to diferent  religion, cultures, customs and education background, but everyone must respect and appreciate this variety. Human beings if they follow one rule, life would be easy,” Choose for other’s what you would choose for youself” ..If you want equal opportunity , merit and access, let that be available to others as well.

Build community and live in harmony, appreciate diversity and welcome progress, but never ever hurt anyone’s feelings , being touchy is negative but being sensitive, is good :))

Be good ..be happy 🙂 build live and propser..

Busy ? Really

Why are people busy ?

because they got more  work load and less time

or, they initially had a planned schedule but it got haywire due to strike calls

ummhh..or they didn’t plan and did work haphazardly..

maybe..they thought they could do it..but didn’t have the mental stimuli

or simply..they are  following the motto,” Look busy do nothing”

Why hate ..

Why hate, people just hate the actions/sins. Try to get away from burdening your soul with depressing agents, like revenge and jealousy..it makes us frown and contemplate. Untill, we become what we hate..then we must be hating ourselves in the end.
Hatred, is sometimes a by-product of anger. When we get irritated and suffocated, we find the reason or the person, then we start to hate..although we now can breathe and are relieved..So why do we carry this extra burden in our minds in future..why can’t we let go of what went wrong and look on the brighter side..turn on the light or move the blinds..yep sun shines..why turn away in gloomy moods..that swing and twist and make you all crooked, like a burned out twig or fallen leaves..are we not people and living our lives..having family with ties and friends with love..what makes us keep the hatred above our happiness..so close yet..unreachable for hatred..does make it impossible to smile..it does make us frown..cry..yell and get jealous..we turn darker and darker..worste than the initial suffocation we suffered..for that was external..this is totally internal..it is a film thick as fog, covering our heart, mind and soul..one day we die..but this uneasines doesn’t let us live even for a day..so..ask yourself..why hate..

337-649x649 sun burns..to give life..but you will only burn yourself with hate..