If words could..

I find people talking and talking endlessly..on road at home..nowadays since phone calls have become cheaper..it lead to loose talk πŸ˜‰

Few, even just call and humm..like hmm.hmm..hmm..I often think, if you are uninterested just say, bye..why make other side people pay for the call. Okay..back to my topic. if words are action it must be able to generate energy..suppose we could store this energy and power..presently, we if we could..we will be energy effecient..talking power..rather sound waves converting to power..and also this internet typing..if keyboards had a system of transmitting our tick tick to a battery..our house would have ten free light bulbs illuminating spaces..as a by0product.

Sometimes, I think what do we actually talk about.

1. Exchange information.

2. Express feelings.

3. Pay bills πŸ˜‰

the third was a jolt !! Bill always has a tensdency to send shock waves, especially electricity.

The many husbands, would value their wife’s bla bla, if turned waste paper into currency notes.. Time is money..to talk is money πŸ™‚

Talk less and listen more..why? because you got one tongue and two ears ..is an old saying..guess theydidn’t anticipate mobile phonse nor websites of today..


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