I am really into windows, without glass panes. Yes. I am thinkng, suppose we have a window opening, and the frame got small pores.

The wind is sucked from the exposed side, and then forced out through the pores to fill the open /void, there is no glass nor any grill.

The forece of air keeps the thief out and you also don’t fall out or spill. Its a two layers of air , it has trapped the vacuum.

when, you need privacy it gets blurred, otherwise its frames, no grills, just empty space with fresh air passing from right to let and up to down, ejecting from pores..

The windows, can be also a source of light, the entire surface shines out bright, from the energy saved from sun light, using nano technology. So, let us openning with no shutters but has safety, privacy, filtered air and low maintenance..and no one breaks the glass while playing cricket or baseball 😉


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