Education vs Degree

The difference between attaining education and getting a degree, is the formal and informal means for understanding and learning a subject. The degree is awarded to certify, that an individual has fullfilled the requirement and successfully understood, the aspects that are basic. This make life easier, for your degree is read as your credibility. On the other hand, if you got training under informal arrangement, your learning process is not documented. The result is, the situation is more challenging, for your entry into competitions needs you to prove your credibility, each time you want to participate.

It is another aspect, that means to be financially independent or resourceful is helped by education, for those who want to get into a serviceor others who want to be entrepreneurs.

People in a society are part of the whole. Each person contributes, from the cleaners to the head of the state, each has a group of people they serve directly or indirectly. The larger the group, the more important that service provider.

The very reason that any discovery, or invention is valued for the mass use of it. Whether it is electricity, telelphone, computer or space travel. The development of services is mostly targetted , for ultimatelt clients are, “people” .

Therefore, higher education is a means to attain knowledge and attitude towards addressing a subject, for its further implementation and not merely a source to get a monthly income. For income there can be other ways, which may be in addition or totally different from the education we have recieved at the university.

University is a portal where our minds gets chance to think, view and accept ideas ,that the learned and proved theories present, and always we are required to add and move ahead.

Always value eaducation, for getting a degree and for knowing your potential. Repayments to government , should not stop you from getting a formal ducation, for very few government pays for higher education. Always, take your life without calculations, as they say, be a learner and learn to live, and not just pass your days to live.


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