never regret

Lifeย is long when we are short

Life is sweet but never wrong

Be positive, nice and strong

write a poem , or sing song

call me in, I am not gone

I am your friend , all along

Hold my hand and lets sing that song

when nothing gets right, everything is wrong

I walk in, when others are gone

I am your friend, but am not King Kong



The Invisible Cash Transactions ;)

In the near future, we the citizens of the new emerging world would be free from carrying cash and coins, no more wallets nor vaults to hold the amount of money we save or carry.

The entire cash/credit system would be synchronised with a beam running around the world forming an invisible net. The energy it gets is from all those living beings, that contributes to the beam energy.

Question is what and How?

First is what..hmm An invisible “hand band”. Every country would have a universal band made for its citizen. Once you get this, its your identification, you will input your date, for example your name, age, origin and family members. The band will take an image of your eyes and will absorb a drop of blood.Once it absorbs it, the band turns invisible.It is on your hand wrist, but no one can see. Unless, you take it off. The moment the band leaves your body, it will not function and if anyone tries to wear it or temper with it, it explodes like a bomb.

The young children would not get a band , untill they reach adulthood. So, how do they buy ice cream. The parents and the government contributes to their daily expenditure. They do have an idenity with the picture and drop of ย blood, but they can not transact any money.

How boring right ๐Ÿ˜‰ The senior citizens get monthy transactions and those working gets paid. The individual can do any work, whether office or home, just need to update the information and each person gets paid, accordingly. I think, house wives would be happy to get acknowledgeed for their daily labor.

The invisible hand band, is soft and weightless. Any amount you want to pay, just punch in the receiver’s id number and it is easily passed to his account, with a minimum deduction of tax. The tax is the service charge. There is no other source of transaction, so no black money hopefully doesn’texists. As, you earn , you can buy no payment. The children school fees till they graduate ispaid, as they pass their exams. The marks are equal to the money they earn.

The working group, as they keep on working , they get paid and tax is cut directly, with each payment. Don’t worry, its your country that would then reinvest for development plans. Everything becomes transparent, and mind you no hacking is possible int his system.

The country’s value is measured in the working population.Since, you wear a band you can get caught easily, if you commit a crime..hmm the band has a code to report you, by the victim. If you take it off, that too gets recorded and without a band you can not survive very long, for you become a parasite. Your number remains your’s till you die. Once dead, the band is visible and is collected. The data for the will is revealed, like a black box..and those inheriting your cash/ property etc are informed and cash is transacted.

Hoepfull this will help us get improved with user’s suggestions..but first we need to introduce it ๐Ÿ™‚

If words could..

I find people talking and talking endlessly..on road at home..nowadays since phone calls have become lead to loose talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

Few, even just call and hmm.hmm..hmm..I often think, if you are uninterested just say, bye..why make other side people pay for the call. Okay..back to my topic. if words are action it must be able to generate energy..suppose we could store this energy and power..presently, we if we could..we will be energy effecient..talking power..rather sound waves converting to power..and also this internet typing..if keyboards had a system of transmitting our tick tick to a battery..our house would have ten free light bulbs illuminating a by0product.

Sometimes, I think what do we actually talk about.

1. Exchange information.

2. Express feelings.

3. Pay bills ๐Ÿ˜‰

the third was a jolt !! Bill always has a tensdency to send shock waves, especially electricity.

The many husbands, would value their wife’s bla bla, if turned waste paper into currency notes.. Time is talk is money ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk less and listen more..why? because you got one tongue and two ears an old saying..guess theydidn’t anticipate mobile phonse nor websites of today..

dancing with you

couples_026 (1)

The dance on the clouds were delightful and sweet

although it was night time, but I felt the need

to keep on moving and dancing my feet

and you did swing me all around , to complete

the song that was playing was unheard , unknown

something in our mind

perhaps a ringing tone

it was so lovely, now that I am alone

I remember our date on the clouds

and we shone, like stars in heaven

two love birds engraved on a stone