Aptitude, Attitude and Altitude

The three must have ” A” for getting, keeping and sometimes leaving the other side..yes..not the really dark side..the men or women depending who is chasing 🙂 who???

Attitude has to be positive and honest, but must have 20% of sweetness.

if the other person fails to express with words, develop an aptitude to listen the unsaid words and read between the lines, of just make a wild guess.

try and be as you are in real, for false or fake personailty needs a good memory, that is not really easy .but..think honestly, do you like yourself as you are  ? hmmm if not please do improve..yes improvise.

Entertainment..Entertainment and entertainment world is after this one art form like crazy..so why not in a relationship. The presence must make the ambience happy, positive vibes must be felt, you should be able to crack jokes and be able to make each other smile, laugh and roll over with laughter..okay..I got a bit carried away..

Absence of the other..must depress you..make you feel lonely, and you miss that person’s voice, movements and ideas.

Encourage yourself to discover or rediscover new avenues, whether it is a movie , food, music or work.Have the courage to be open minded and clever.

Looks are very important, forget about inner beauty bla bla..those are really said by people who never take care of themselves. Ordinary looks are great, with proper expression and less depressions.

Altitude..well here is the main thing..when you meet you come down and when they leave, you let them get a free fall..no more nets to catch nor trap..

They are free so are you..accept it and now let us review..your aptitude and attitude :)..yes we need to change the altitude also.


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