Fear..the real feel

Fear is perhaps the one most direct and effective measures to control desires. The one thing that fear generates from is, personal harm. Pain. The effort to bear that pain, as long as it last or lingers, physical, mental, financial or spiritual.

Fear, is not negative.It makes us think before we go on thinking further, it is a series of hurdles. A common question posed is, Why do we need to fear God when actually, God is the Creator and has given us so many blessings on earth to enjoy. The Fear of God, is unlike the fear of Satan. Evil strikes where goodness prevail, and Goodness always stands by  when you are right, so the question is why do we fear God and How? Shouldn’t we just respect and love, instead of fearing.

I got my own answer, it is like trying to be in good books. If, I love anyone I want to be loved. If, doing bad things makes God angry, I fear that anger for two reasons. First, I don’t like the very idea of making God angry  and secondly, for evrything I do wrong I may get forgiven but I must be prepared for a punishment too. Ultimately, the punishment is physical or social trauma here on earth or after day of judgement, so I am afraid of a burning hell, clothes that are made of fire and boiling bad tasting foul smelling water to drink.

In this context, the fear has two aspects, first I acknowledge that I believe in God and secondly, I am trying to rehearse my appearance on the day of Judgement. The whole earth turned into a flat ground, all dead gone and turned to dust called out and everyone lined up, no one speaksbut fear prevails. Waiting for a report card, if handed in right hand it is good but if it is given on left, that means bad time just started. No one to face this ordeal except myself.

Few people tell me, when that day comes and they also doubt it would come , will take it from there..but then take it where? 

So, I think it is better for me to be afraid and try to remain in the good books, at least give it a try.


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