No grills for me

Security and safety is ensured by placing protective grills on our windows and verandahs too. But, don’t you feel like living in a cage, with bars in front of your eyes. Blocking your clear and wide vision, looking at sky with an angle..guess why? Yes..grill is in front of my eye..

But, without grills can we survive? Thieves they climb up walls and few risk to drop down from roof, and makes us scared at night. And, what if they get into a fist grills means open the glass panes and nose dive! One man explained to me that grills are important, for those who get drunk, grill prevent them from jumping 🙂

But..only if a air shield was protecting us, when you open the window the pores on the inner frames they give breeze, that flows inside and gets clean, due to the nano paint. It leaves the inner space as clean air, thus thebuildings are air purifiers. This air film, got a soft yet firm hold, no one can pass this barrier, that got sound waves as a lining. Air in combination with sound waves, protecting us from free fall, thieves and letting our vision be clear as crystal.

Safety ensured and grills those are invisible shields only.


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