I was and am still a bit of a dork :)

When I was studying in a school, for a short time I had to be in a co-ed. During the break, I was playing and got thirsty. Got a cup of water filled from my very own water bottle,was about to drink when a smarty pants tricked me, he asked me what is the time?I forgot I was holding the water filled cup and turned to see my wrist, oops the water spilled I was standing on the 3rd level of the open to sky stair landing and below was a huge fat boy.

I looked down and he saw me, that made me realize I am about to get a black eye. I ran down and he ran up, I quickly went inside a senior class room, who were having extra classes. He chased me but the teacher felt some sympathy for me and with a mere sorry, I was free.

No black eye for me 🙂


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